COVID-19 update

As you would expect at this current time, our priorities are our people, our clients and the members of our schemes.  We continue to closely monitor the advice from the UK government with regard to the well-being of our employees and have in place a range of services for supporting the safety and health of our people. This is to ensure that we continue to provide effective trustee and scheme management services over this period.

Whilst our team are all now working remotely, our office remains open and accessible for the delivery of critical functions and support of client and member needs. Although we have ceased all travel and face-to-face meeting activity in line with UK and other government guidance, we continue to provide an uninterrupted full service to our clients, using online meeting and communication tools. In the event that we need to shut our office, that uninterrupted full service will continue.

We have been in regular contact with all key scheme advisers to address some of the issues which have arisen. We are particularly mindful of our schemes’ administrators who are facing the same challenges. Their priorities at this time will be the security and payment of member benefits and we are working with them to ensure that there are no disruptions in this regard.

Please continue to contact us in the usual ways. Although our post is being periodically checked, communication by email or telephone is preferable at this current time.

We will continue to provide updates through our website.